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published on 30/06/2017


If your mobility is reduced, please contact us a week in advance of the show so we can better welcome you. Please send an email to or call us at +33 3 28 63 82 40. If your disability is not immediately apparent, please present a disability card or a medical certificate to our security agent on entry to the event

We can provide you with a chair near the stage if your disability requires it. High-rise access can also be arranged according to your degree of mobility.

Designated parking spaces are reserved for disabled people and there are accessible toilets in the building.


To protect fragile ears, earplugs are available for free at the venue so that music remains a pleasure. Headsets are available upon request (you will only be ask to give us your ID as a deposit) Please get in touch with the bar to get a pair.


The venue does not have a cloakroom but lockers are available if you wish to put away your belongings so you can enjoy the show as freely as possible. Locks are available on request (ID will be taken as a deposit).