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The project

published on 26/06/2017

Aiming at being in tune with contemporary music, the artistic and cultural project of Les 4Ecluses is also in line with a developmental approach for the area and creative support.
It’s a tool, a means for progress that goes beyond a venue and simple musical entertainment.

This project’s originality stands in its form and geographic location. Located in the heart of the city of Dunkirk, the venue is a meeting point of contemporary music between France, the UK and Belgium. While the directive line of the venue’s projects remains music, it is also at the the crossroad of various forms of arts.



Engagement Equality Experience Exchange
  • civic
  • socio-professional
  • economic
  • legal
  • equal access to art
  • between cultures
  • gender equality
  • artistic
  • cultural
  • social
  • of skills
  • of practices
  • fair
  • professionnal


Promote contemporary music in all its aesthetics, all its related and practical artistic forms.



Ensure the presence of professional artists within the region Maintain the ambition to expand our audience continually Participate in the professional and structural development of the field
  • Promote non-commercial, innovative and emerging projects
  • Encourage the merging of contemporary music with other forms of arts
  • Maintain an artistic service, from creation to broadcasting
  • Offer activities suiting a well-informed and demanding audience
  • Reach out to young audiences, so they become tomorrow’s public
  • Develop event policies that will help target new audiences
  • Arouse cultural interest and propose artistic resources to more distant audiences.
  • Mobilise non-specialised players and network around artistic events
  • Share experience and professional skills
  • Provide visibility to local artists and stakeholders
  • Encourage local, regional, national and international exchanges
  • Analyse public expectations and answer them together with the region
  • Represent and promote contemporary musi


Broadcasting Creating Supporting amateur practice
  • Programming
  • Co-programming
  • Events
  • Creative residency at the 4 Ecluses
  • Valuing the work of artists
  • Building artistic skills
  • Artistic training support

  • Support live experience

  • Support amateur project holders

  • Inform and raise awareness