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The organisation

published on 22/05/2017

The organisation Arts Scéniques Rocks was founded in 1989 and has been running the venue at Les 4Ecluses since 1994.


In keeping with the principles adopted by Unesco, the organisation Arts Scéniques Rocks promotes free artistic choice, supports creative freedom and artistic experimentation in the respect of everyone’s dignity. Arts Scéniques Rocks encourages discovery and supports artists and music professionals whose ethical principles are clear. Thank to this projects, it reaffirms the funding principles of social and solidarity economy: private status, non-profit-making, putting Humans before capital, a full-fledged economic sector on the market but also acting according to its own principles - explicitly working for the collectivity (general interest and social utility) - a democratic decision-making process (one person, one vote), self-governance, regional or sector-specific anchoring.

The organisation is thus committing to a sustainable development process, respecting good practices regarding human rights, employment law and the environment. It aims at reducing health and safety risks, promoting social innovation, preserving energy and natural resources while raising awareness about environmental issues among the organisation’s stakeholders and mobilise them for the implementation of innovative approaches.



The board is composed of four members elected by the directors and chaired by Pascal Matthys who rightfully represents the organisation.

Board members:
Pascal Matthys, Chairman
Géry Champagne, Vice-Chairman
Thomas Ryckewaert, treasurer

Board of Directors

Currently composed of 21 members, the board of directors meets four times a year.

The team of Les 4Ecluses: the organisation’s staff members

The staff of Les 4Ecluses consists in 11 employees.

The volunteers

Each year, about thirty volunteers get involved into the activities of Les 4Ecluses.


Joining the organisation Arts Scéniques Rocks allows you to participate in the organisation’s projects in a concrete way: voting during the yearly general meeting and, possibly, applying for the board of directors. Joining the organisation costs 5€


Do you wish to concretely participate in shows preparations, before and after the actual events? To discover how Les 4Ecluses work? To help at the bar when a show is scheduled, or on the set, at the artists check-in, with the public or simply put your hidden talent to good use (photography, design...)?

Don’t hesitate, we’re looking for volunteers all year through! Motivation is the only thing required!

For more information, please contact the team or Angélique.