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Booking instructions

published on 30/05/2017

Opening hours

  14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00

Hire rates

Service Rate
1hr 6€
30hrs plan 150€
50hrs plan 200€
Storage lock up 10€ / mois
Valve amp hire (Orange/Marshall/Vox/Fender...) 5€
Cymbal kit hire 3€

Available upon request: speakers, mike stands, wires...

Guitar strings (electric and acoustic) and bass strings available for purchase at the venue.

Recording rates

Service Rates
One day block time (with engineer)  200€
1hr (with engineer) 25€

Rehearsal time booking

Rehearsal time slots can be booked monthly and become available on the first day of the preceding month (ie: booking for the month of November can be made from 1st October.) Users will be notified when booking is available by email or via Les 4Ecluses website.

All long-time slot hires (more than 4hrs a day) must be approved by our studio managers.

Payment must be made in advance to the manager (ie during opening hours) for rehearsal time bookings to be validated.

Please remember that it is essential that booking be made at least 24hrs in advance (subject to availability).

Booking a studio

  • Please complete the information sheet (available here). Bands are required to complete a different information sheet for each member.

  • A deposit of 150€ payable by cheque to the organisation Arts Scéniques Rocks will be required. Deposit will only be cashed if visible damage has been caused to the studio and/or equipment during your rehearsal time.

  • Every musician must read our rules and regulations carefully and return the document completed and signed

To book a time slot, simply:

  • Fill in the registration form (available here) and issue your deposit cheque.
  • Send your booking request: by email at or by calling +33 3 28 63 60 66 or by bringing it to the studios reception.
  • Register on the day of your first rehearsal if it is not done yet and then... It’s your move!

Available time slots


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